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Tune in tomorrow starting with 9.10 AM CET for the workshop session!

Join us in the workshop room!

Welcome to Automotive Meetings #Digital Week!

The #digitalexhibition is now open until Friday 30! Walk the floor of the virtual exhibition at and don't forget to connect with other participants by sharing your business card!

Discover Auto#Digital Week key topics! 

We are building #AutoDigitalWeek's conference #program around some of the key opportunities and challenges faced by the #automotive industry: #electricvehicles#newmobility#5G#womeninautomotive
#lithiumionbattery recycling and #industry40.

Interested to know more?

Find out what our experts have to say on April 27, 2021!
Speaker lineup:

New experts will join us on April 27, 2021!

Register at to get a chance to listen to their insights regarding the automotive industry. 

Rahima Yakoob – Mercedes-Benz AG
Cara Clairman – Plug'n Drive
Guillaume Crunelle – Deloitte
Yaron Flint – Continental
Aleksander Rzepecki, MBA – Mercedes-Benz AG
- Ricardo Moya Quiroga – McKinsey & Company

Check the speaker lineup: